Bangin’ New Single ‘Dreaming’ From London House Producer, T. Williams

One of my favorite pastimes is to sit down and daydream about random scenarios, amplified with a bangin’soundtrack that could easily be the score for a video game. Sometimes I imagine a really cool fighting scene with some nice UK garage, or perhaps a crazy race across country to the sounds of DNB. Usually I end up making up a song in my head, but I think I found the perfect daydreaming-epic-track: T. Williams new single “Dreaming.”

Have you heard of T.Williams? Well, if you haven’t, don’t worry. This is actually my first time hearing about him and after so research, I found out he’s quite a spectacular London-House producer. He recently released his debut EP Pain & Love for PMR records, and now he is following up with an awesome banger track called “Dreaming.”

Now let me tell you, if you love that London UK Garage sound infused with House, then you’re going to absolutely go crazy for this one! Certified banger.


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