Toxic Sounds

This poem an assignment in which we had to express how much we hate something, but in actuality we love it. This one was fun assignment and part of my final project for Poetry Writing at University of Colorado Denver with Professor York. Great professor!


Pulsating sounds,
zip, zoom, bam, wham!
Endless repetition,
noise complaints surely warranted.

The bouncy rhythm causes me to sway
like a maniac,
yet I continue to indulge in the addiction,
held in bondage by my muse.

Notes bashing my head
with violent repetition.
Why won’t the music leave me alone?

The painful sounds bring forth hours of
shuffling and romp shaking.
People dancing,
gyrating violently.
possessed with unstoppable joy.

Restless bodies,
stomping on the dance floor.
Aggressively enjoying
nightmarish tones.

Adrenaline rush of panic
overwhelms me,
I am taken captive by
toxic sounds.

Kidnapped by the beat,
intoxicating rhythms won’t let me go.

by Jasmine McGee

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