Bollywood Mania: Six Hindi Films on Netflix Instant You Should Totally Watch

I can’t exactly pinpoint when and where it all began, but for years I’ve been a huge fan of Indian films. Often referred to as “bollywood” films, the Indian Hindi-language film industry is a booming market that pumps out hundreds a films a year. Okay, not sure if it’s hundreds of films, but I do know for a fact that the Bollywood is the largest film producer in the Indian film industry.

If you don’t mind films with long-run times of up to two, sometimes three hours, and a mixture of Hindi infused with English (known as Hinglish), then you might want to check out some Bollywood films. The films come in a variety of genres, but my favorite is the quirky romantic comedies that have engaging stories of love, laughter, and dreams.

Thanks to Netflix Instant Streaming, I’ve been able to spend the past few years watching tons of Bollywood films. I used to be a big hopeless romantic and loved the intriguing stories of romance, especially the ones starring the lovely Priyanka Chopra, but now I just watch the films because they are good; especially when I’m in the mood for a complicated atypical romance that puts me in a feel-good-girly-mood.

So, if you’re wondering where the heck to even begin when perusing the large collection of Bollywood films on Netflix, I have narrowed it down to my six favorite Hindi films that are totally worth watching. The latest films I watched, Aisha, Mujshe Fraandship Karoge,and What’s Your Raashee, were good feel films, but they don’t make my list of the top films I’d watch again. But don’t me wrong I througorly enjoyed watching both of them, but they just don’t compare to the films below.

If you’re craving some Bollywood mania, then check out my favorite films below. Yes, some of them are cheesy, but I still love them! And I’m warning you, they have long run-times, but you will get wrapped in the feel-good story and lose track of time!

1. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (RNBDJ) – 2008

If you’re in search of the classic underdog story of a nerdy-nice guy trying to impress a beautiful woman, who happens to be his wife due to an arranged marriage, then this is the story for you! Basically I love this film because it stars Shahrukh Khan as Surinder “Suri” Sain, a shy introverted fella who’s boss dies and he makes an arrangement with his boss that if he happens to pass, Khan would marry his daughter and take care of her. Well, not spoil it, but that is basically what happens. Throughout the story we see Khan trying to make his wife Taani Gupta (Anushka Sharma) happy.

In the film we see romance, comedy, and the idea of changing yourself come together. Oh, and it’s got great music and lots of dancing! Hands down, one of my favorite Indian films that is vibrant, excellently filmed, and weaves a beautiful quirky love story.

2. Pyaar Impossible (Love Impossible) – 2010

I love this film! Beautiful story of a nerd who admires the beautiful girl on campus, yet she doesn’t know that he exists! Then by chance they meet again and he eventually tries to win her heart, showing that a love that seems impossible can be possible! Such a feel good movie! Read my thoughts here

3. Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year – 2009

Want a hilarious movie that could be the Indian version of Office Space and The Office? Then check out Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year. This film rocks!  I don’t even want to spoil the plot for you, but I will give you the basic premise: disgruntled employees and one salesman with ambition for something new decides to start his own company within the company he works for. Hilarious film!

4. Fashion – 2008

All my fashionista out there, listen up! If you’re looking for a girly film that dives into the fashion industry of designers, models, sex, romance, and following your dreams, then Fashion is totally worth watching! I enjoyed the entire Hindi Sex and the City vibe that this film gave off, plus it stars Priyanka Chopra, a leading lady in most Bollywood films. She’s a rockstar! And in this movie she does whatever it takes to become a super-model. Mmmmhmmm, lots of drama!

5. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu (One Me, and One You) – 2008

Ah the good old-fashioned film cliche of getting drunk in Las Vegas, waking up the next morning, and realizing you married a stranger. Well, that is what happens in this film! But it’s a cute movie and I really love the leading guy, Imran Kahn. He’s starred in a lot of films and I think he is a cutie! Of course I didn’t just watch the film for him, but the story was interesting of him living in Las Vegas, lying to his strict Indian parents (who are in India) about losing his prestigious job as an architect, and then marrying a wild hot girl who is strikingly different from his strict, uptight lifestyle.

Cliche? Yes. But I like cliches, at least you know what you’re getting!

6. I Hate Luv Storys – 2010

Don’t you just hate love stories? Sometimes they feel like utter complete bullshit, especially when you compare them to the adventures of love in your own life. Well, that’s how I feel sometimes, but yet I still find myself enjoying a good cheesy love story. And I Hate Luv Storys is exactly that film; downright cheesy, yet filled with moments of big laughter and innocent smiles.

In this film, you’ve got the leading lady Simran(Sonam Kapoor) who does production design and she has this “perfect” fiance, and then you’ve got Jay (Imran Khan) who is a production assistant to an acclaimed director that produces love stories. Oh, and Jay hates love stories! But in the midst of hating love and the idea of it, he falls in love. Shocking, right? Nah, not really! But I still enjoyed this film, thus why it’s on my list of my top six Bollywood films.

10 thoughts on “Bollywood Mania: Six Hindi Films on Netflix Instant You Should Totally Watch

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  2. Hi Jasmine,

    Try Aisha as well. Similar film on Netflix instant. There are many more movies on other streaming platforms which are amazing. If you really like Bollywood then check this out


    It lists all Bollywood movies available online.

  3. Love Bollywood. Glad I found you. try these:
    “joker”. Ashshay Kumar. “Rowdy Ragore” , love Story 2050″. Harman Baweja & Priyanka Chopra: ( my fav of all time)
    Guzaarish”. Cool dancing

    1. Congrats to Ranbir Kapoor & Priyanka Chopra for winning the best actor and best actress in “Barfi” which won the best film of The Time of India Films Awards 2013 – BC Place, Vancouver. I happily attended.

  4. Help. Saw a movie once on tv years ago and don’t know what its called. It’s about a comic book artist who has to win the approval of a girl’s father by working at his manufacturing shop. End of movie he’s succesful but goes back to comics

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