A Poem Inspired by Shingo Nakamura – ‘Thousands of Sounds’ (Original Mix)

As I was listening to this mind-blowing beautiful track by Shingo Nakamaru, inspiration took over and I began to write.



The eerie silence of yesterday’s mistakes

haunt my dreams…

Sounds of things I should have said,

Sounds of words I should have never read

Earthquakes of silence

penetrate my last glimpse of serenity

As teardrops hit the ground,

the eruption of sound eludes hysteria

My desolate soul should have never craved your kiss,

Lips, a lethal reminder of the lies you told

Lies that should have seemed so clear,

yet the haze of tears masked the unbreakable truth

I was never yours, you were never mine,

caught in the rush of love,

meaningless words driven by euphoric silence

Leaves are falling,

our time is begininning to fade.

Thunderstorms of deceit,

lightening of emotion,

soles of my feet chained to the ground

Hurricane of memories enclose upon me,

unable to move, bracing for impact

I scream.


Tormenting sounds of the lies you told,

erased by threads of second chance romance

from a new soul dance.

Thousands of sounds, thousands of kisses

washing away the pain of yesterday,

paving way for the soul dance of tomorrow….

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