KING KONG, picture I took and edited with Befunky

Next Time You’re in Nebraska, Stop By King Kong for Gyros, Phillies, and Huge Burgers!

Whew, it feels so good to finally lay down, put my headphones on, and blog away. You may have noticed a lack of posts the past few days, and the reason being is I’ve been driving across the country; long four day drive from Maryland to Denver, Colorado.

I wasn’t alone on my journey. My mom and dad drove the truck with all our furniture in it, and I followed behind them in the car. So basically every single day I drove about 8-10 hours, with only a few short stops for rest. Yeah, sounds exhausting…and it really was. In the midst of the trip, so much stuff happened, including the headlights going out on the car. Even when we replaced the bulbs at Walmart, they still couldn’t figure out what was wrong. So at night time, I had to hold the brights on (switch wouldn’t stay on by itself) for about 2-3 hours. I drove with one hand, and boy I was so over it!

This wasn’t my first time going across the country on a massive road trip. Most of my life has been spent driving/moving back and forth from Colorado to Maryland, with short stays in Virginia and my birthplace, Columbus, Ohio.

So it wasn’t my first cross-country roadtrip, but it was my first time eating at King Kong in Lincoln, Nebraska. You heard that correct, a restaurant named King Kong. Awesome, right? So here is the situation, basically right off of i-80 you’ll spot this huge gorilla in the air and below it is a sign that says it all. Yup, the sign lets you know that not only can you get gyros, but they have phillies, steaks, and burgers! And not just a small burger, nope, you get a KING KONG BURGER. Seriously, the burger is massive!

Sadly, I didn’t take a picture of the burger my dad ate, but I did take a picture of my gyro. And I must say, it was absolutely delish! The last good gyro I had was from this cool food truck in Manhattan, and since then I haven’t had a pretty good one. Hey, some of them food trucks can really throw down and the food taste better than restaurants. Sometimes, not all. Some food trucks suck!

Anyways, so was it worth driving through Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illionois, Iowa, and Nebraska just to stop by King Kong for some delicious food? HELL YES! It’s so worth the drive. King Kong is awesome! And the decor of the restaurant has vintage King Kong posters, stuff apes hanging from the ceiling, and in front of the restaurant are mini King Kong statues. The entire restaurant is truly an experience!

So next time you’re in Nebraska, stop by King Kong for some good mood food!

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