Felix Baumgartner’s Jump From Space is The Definition of Epic!

Yesterday, while everyone was somewhere on the planet doing their usual happenings or seeking some type of “adventure,” Felix Baumgartner was on his way to space for his death-defying jump from the edge of space.

If you’ve never heard of Felix Baumgartner, then you have been missing out on following the happenings one of the coolest men on earth. Seriously, he’s even cooler than the Dos Equis guy. First off, his name is Felix and that happens to be one of my favorite names; such a cool name, every Felix I’ve meet has been radical! Secondly, Felix Baumgartner has jumped off almost all the tallest buildings and successfully sky-dived back to the safety of the ground.

Felix, a world renown Austrian skydiver, has done a lot of stunts and yesterday he made history. Millions around the world gathered together on YouTube to watch the live feed (courtesy of Red Bull Stratos) of Felix’s journey to space and his insane freefall from space back to earth. It was perhaps one of the coolest videos I’ve ever watched in my life! I mean how often can someone say, “Yeah, I skydived from space.” That is pretty radical, borderline super-heroic.

If you thought you knew the definition of epic, then you’d better think again. Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the edge of space is officially the new definition of the word “epic.” For now on that word should only be reserved for things that are truly comparable to skydiving from space (or at least a few notches below that, but still cool).

For some chance if you didn’t watch the live feed and experience the fear that everyone felt watching Felix jump from the tiny vessel that carried him to space, then you need to watch the mission highlights now. The video is still insanely cool, but I will admit I’m glad I crowded around the computer screen with my folks and held my breathe from the moment he jumped until the time he landed on the ground. It was such an heroic moment in history. Oh, and if you thought the jump was a new world record, well it was. But Felix also is the first skydiver to ever break the sound barrier. Like I said before, that is totally heroic! Felix Baumgartner is my new favorite superhero! 🙂

Super Cool Video of the Jump, Re-created with LEGOS!

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