Spotlight Sound | Massive Remixes by The Two Friends [Free Downloads!]

Throughout life we all go through our share of “best friends.” For those who don’t move around a lot, then perhaps you’ve got the same bestie from childhood. And for my fellow nomads, we may not see our best friends all the time but we try to stay in touch throughout life’s changes.

A best friend is usually that personality that totally understands you and sometimes they might be completely opposite from you. Yet even though you have differences, you often find a common bond that forms the friendship, and the progressive house/electronic duo The Two Friends are truly the epitome of what an awesome friendship can turn into…a series of massive remixes.

The Two Friends is the production name for Los Angeles natives Matt Halper and Eli Sones. These dudes have been best buddies since high school, and after high school they decided it would be an awesome idea to combine their musical prowess and begin working on mashups, remixes, and originals. Of course, they both no longer attend the same schools, but they still produce amazing music together.

The duo has a lot of really good progressive house remixes and their latest remixes really caught my attention. Both of the remixes put a progressive house spin on tracks that have been remixed quite a bit, but they have yet to be remixed with an edgy progressive house vibe. But no worries, The Two Friends saved the day and put their musical spin on two great tracks you’ve probably heard.

A massive track this summer (in my opinion) was John De Sohn & Andreas Moe’s “Long Time.” The original track was probably underrated, but the Benny Benassi Remix really caught my attention. Oh, and I’m not the only one who thought the original track didn’t get the love it deserved. The Two Friends also felt the track was underrated, and they decided to take it a step forward and do a massive progressive house remix of the John De Sohn track.

The Two Friends remix gives the awesome track an edgy progressive house vibe, which in my opinion is spectacular! Not only is it a spectacular remix, but it’s also a free download;can’t get any better than that. Oh, but lets not stop there. Nope, I’ve got even more music for you to check out.

A few days ago The Two Friends released their progressive house remix of Chase & Status “Time” featuring Delilah. Now you might be thinking, “wait, that song has already been remixed a lot.” Yes, it has been remixed quite a bit, but the remixes are mainly dubstep or DNB. So The Two Friends decided to do something innovative and make a progressive house remix of the Chase & Status popular track “Time.”

Listen to the remix below and be sure to download your free copy.

So there you have it folks, now you know who The Two Friends are. Be sure to visit their official soundcloud and follow them on Twitter. Also, take a moment to like their Facebook page too.

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