GoFA Exhibition#1

It’s September 10th! Do you know what that means?

It means that the Gallery of Fashion Art launched it’s 1st “Pop-UP” Exhibition online!

Nine artists from the Gallery of Fashion Art were given two themes and a month to create a work or series based on that theme. The themes we chose? Eclectic Exotic and Organic Geometric.

Check it out here: EXHIBITION #1

Conch by Ivy Chen
My Hope For Live I See in You by Kiara Walker
When I Was 22 by Michelle Macias
Organic Geometric by Morgan Beem


It also means that you’re WAY PAST FASHIONABLY LATE if you’re not keeping up with NYFW! No worries, we’ll be covering the TOP TEN NYFW Shows at the end of the week. GET EXCITED.

3 thoughts on “GoFA Exhibition#1

  1. This looks very impressive, I love pop art! These pieces remind me of the summer (although the hot weather does as well) and I like the point of view that each artist brought to this collection.
    Thanks for sharing!

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