“The Newsroom” Season Finale

Aaron Sorkins new hit HBO series ‘The Newsroom’ is having its first season finale air on Sunday and it made me reflect on this show I’ve been watching for 2 months. It’s very awkward, almost to a cringe level for me and the characters get into extremely long opinionated rants all the time. It’s very liberal in its poltical message even though Will is a moderate Republican (which he points out…a lot). He just enjoys bashing the Tea Party (who doesn’t) and bringing REAL news to the masses. The show is news from the last 2 years told in a way that the REAL news should of reported it. That’s the premise of the entire show with a couple love triangles spiced in for drama.

Some of the cast and the acting are great but the story has so many cliches that the plot becomes predictable. If ”fuck” wasn’t said a couple times an episode I would doubt this was HBO.

I guess it’s the rants and political message that make this show popular. I know Will’s rant in the first episode is what had me coming back. It’s also funny seeing Republicans get roasted in a different setting than ‘The Daily Show’.

This show has potential in future seasons but some of the characters in this show really piss me off a lot and like I stated earlier, the plot is really predictable and there really is nothing special about this show.

In conclusion the show is kinda entertaining. But not a must watch program like HBO is known to produce.

One thought on ““The Newsroom” Season Finale

  1. I used to think the same things about The Newsroom being awkward when I first started watching. Like you said, the first episode intrigued me, but it wasn’t enough to keep me wanting more. I meant to tune in on the following Sundays, but I always found myself caught up in my office at Dish or I would just plain forget. It was actually my roommate who insisted I watch the whole season, and I’m glad she did! It was lucky for me that we have the Hopper DVR, with loads of recording space, so each episode was safe from being deleted and waiting patiently for me to watch. I know the show can get a little monotonous and petty, with the dialog and silly love dramas, but it is still unlike anything else out there! I definitely plan on tuning in for the second season, and I hope you do the same!

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