What’s “special” anymore?

From birth, we all identify with what’s special, and from there, we decide who we are willing to share those special people/places/items with, if we so choose to share at all.

I have noticed that somewhere in life, we lose that innate quality, and as I sit here, I ponder where and why.  As a child, I owned toys (in particular my Cabbage Patch Kids) that were absolutely forbidden for others to play with unless you were my sister.  I just couldn’t trust that anyone other than my sister would respect them and treat them as I would.  My nine year old nephew is the same about his Nintendo DSi; he doesn’t even let me hold it (without close supervision).

Somewhere, as we transition from teenagers to adults, we become more trusting, or these things that were once considered so special become less important to us.  Before, our bodies were special; our thoughts were worth more than pennies, and not just for anybody to access.  Now, we do more than kiss on the first date, we share every waking thought on social networks (e.g. Facebook or Twitter), and we are left without anything being reserved.  By being so open, we lose what makes us special.


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