Spotlight Sound | Kenny Wesley, the Soulful Nerd

I created this Spotlight Sound section to shine the light on some artists that are brought to my attention, and sadly I haven’t had the chance to spend time working on it. But now that I’m done with classes for the summer, I want to make sure I keep my promise and showcase the artists that I had promised to showcase. And for any artists out there (or even designers and filmmakers) that want to be on my blog, remember you can always contact me at or on Twitter @thinksoul25.

Whew, so now that I got that information off my chest, let’s dive into some great music from a soulful nerd named Kenny Wesley. I’m referring to him as a “soulful nerd” becomes that is the name that I saw on his Twitter (I ran across one of his Tweets) and he does have the characteristics of a nerd; exceptional ability to succeed.

Singer, songwriter, and pianist Kenny Wesley can sing + write songs in fluently in three languages and he has a beautiful four-octave range. This soulful crooner has the ability to capture audiences with his soulful sounds, and his songs have even been featured on “So You Think You Can Dance,” “The View,” “Music Choice” and a wide variety of other media outlets. So you see, he’s already got quite the buzz going for himself. 🙂

When I listen to his music I’m immediately taken back to the days of oldschool R&B. He sings with such a pure conviction that is undeniably soulful, and his music has the ability to be timeless. And his roots form Jacksonville, North Carolina attribute to the slight southern characteristic you hear in a few of his tracks.

My fellow neo-soul lovers that are fans of Kindred, Eric Roberson, Phonte (The Foreign Exchange,) N’Dambi, and Leela James will surely love Kenny Wesley; he’s shared the stage with the aforementioned artists and so many more, including Gordon Chambers.  

When I was reading his bio and saw the name Gordon Chambers, I was quite impressed. The grammy award-winning singer/songwriter/producer had great words to say about Kenny and his musical prowess.

He said, “Kenny’s tenor is Hathaway deep, Luther warm and, in terms of color, could only be described as golden. Truly an anointing moment whenever he and a microphone cross paths.” Wow, such high praise from a legendary singer/songwriter/producer.

What more is there to say? This soulful nerd has received quite the acclaim and I’m proud to share his music with my beloved readers. He is currently working on his forthcoming project The Real Thing and his hits “Won’t Let It Go” (featured on SYTYCD) and “The Window” can be heard today!

And if you want to get in contact with Kenny Wesley, then show him some love on his Facebook and Twitter.

Featured on SYTYCD, “Won’t Let It Go”


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