Now That’s How You Rework a Classic | Maceo Plex vs. INXS – ‘Mediate’ [Free Download]

Ugh, I hate finding out about remixes + reworks last minute, but at least I finally have the time to do some digging and run across an amazing rework of a classic song.

Y’all know INXS, right? Please, please, assure me that you know who they are. Seriously, I meet a lot of people (well mostly folks my age) that aren’t aware of good classic music, and INXS is one of those bands that is a classic.

The Australian rock band is best known for their track “Need You Tonight,” and its one of those timeless tracks that is hard to forget. It’s got the catchy lyrics, that edgy electric guitar, and a pretty cool music video.

“Need You Tonight” is one of my favorites, but I also can’t forget the track “Mediate.” It’s one of those tracks that you wish were longer, but you just try to get the most out of the 2 minutes and then have your hand ready to quickly push the repeat button. And apparently many people have felt that way, which is why I’m happy that Maceo Plex decided to rework the track into 7+ minutes of musical euphoria.

Be sure to watch + clearly listen to the video above, then check out Maceo Plex’s rework of the track below. It always amazes me how producers can take a track and turn it into something entirely new, yet still encompass the integrity and musical finesse that makes the original track still worth listening to.

A majority of the time classics end up getting ruined, but Maceo Plex truly did a nice rework of INXS “Mediate.” He definitely didn’t ruin it; he perfected it with a hint of house.

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