Sunglass Sundays: The Pulse of the Underground House Scene in D.C.

Whew, the past few days have been hectic! Yesterday, I spent the entire day running errands and doing some much needed shopping, so I didn’t get a chance to tell y’all about my latest experience with the underground house scene in Washington, DC.

For those of you who have been reading my blog for quite some time (or personally know me,) then you know that I’m a huge house music junkie. I like it deep, I like it soulful, and I like to be all bout house! My love of house has been with me ever since I was in middle school, but now that I’m 21, about to graduate college, and live in close proximity to DC, I realized it was time to find a community of house heads. Well, I found that community…Sunglass Sundays.

In order to truly express how I ran across Sunglass Sundays, I have to mention that if it wasn’t for me going to Red Fridays @ U Street Music Hall, I wouldn’t have been so compelled to search for the underground house scene in DC. I loved the vibe on Red Fridays and the atmosphere of no drama, come as you are and enjoy the good music. House is a community…and Red Fridays is a home for house lovers.

But if Friday isn’t enough dosage of house to feed your soul, then Sunglass Sundays will give you a good fixin’ of house.

Sunglass Sundays is one of the most chill parties to check out in the city. It’s one of those chill events you go to on a lazy sunday afternoon, and get ready to immerse yourself in great drinks (peach sangria is awesome, thanks Leo,) down to earth people from all different backgrounds, and great house music from DJs that are passionate about preserving the essence of house.

Not only is the vibe very cool, but the host Leonardo aka DJ eloel surely knows how to party! He makes everyone feel so welcome, and he’s all about keeping out any drama; everyone comes for the music and to mingle. He’s one of the coolest dudes to hang around, and from having a conversation with him you can tell that he’s truly passionate about it. He’s not just throwing parties for the hell of it, but he’s throwing these events (him and his business partner host a few house nights throughout the city) to give DJs a chance to play their music in front of crowds that truly appreciate house.

On Sunday, Sunglass Sundays was truly a great experience. They brought in Sergio Santos from Boston and he killed it! He was spinning some great house tracks that had that deeper vibe. You couldn’t help but to dance to his set, but the DJs before him were also pretty good too! Indecent Exposure (YacineKarimbrought forth a nice soulful vibe, and it was also great having a chance to speak with both of them and hear how passionate they are about their music. Both of them are truly passionate about bringing forth that soulful side of house, so you can truly hear the “soul” in their sets.

Oh, and I must also mention the other DJ’s that warmed up the party and got things started. DJ Skinner and his partner Flip. Shout out to you guys! You truly got things started right and I totally look forward to seeing more of your sets. 🙂

I could go on and on about how awesome Sunglass Sundays is, but it’s one of those things you must truly go experience for yourself! If you’re in search of good house music, people from different backgrounds, and a place where you can just get down and dance on a “lazy” Sunday, then be sure to check out the last installment of Sunglass Sundays @ District Lounge + Grille in Adams Morgan, Washington, DC.

For more information, click the following link to visit the official FB: https://www.facebook.com/SunglassSundays

Stay tuned for more coverage of house music events in DC!

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