Flight Facilities With You

New Release | Flight Facilities Megatron/Astroboy Inspired Video – ‘With You’ ft. Grovesnor

I’ve been waiting about two weeks for Flight Facilities to release their new song“With You” featuring Grovesnor.The duo gave us a teaser of the song and a short 30 second glimpse of an animated video reminiscent of Megatron, Daft Punk, and Astroboy. But the video just left fans (especially me) anxious to finally hear the full track; you can’t tease people with such a tantalizing sub bass.

Usually I don’t get overly excited about a track and it’s impending video release, but Flight Facilities never fails to amaze me. I’ve loved their high quality production skills which infuse hints of house, funk, and vibes of a little electropop. And their track “With You” featuring Grovesnor is oh so funky, yet still soulfully driven by that hint of house.

Not only is the track a delight, but the lyrics and video are pretty cool. Animator Ben Drake apparently spent almost four months working on the animation, which derives inspiration from Daft Punk, Astroboy, and Megatron. The video tells the story of a Cyborg that falls in love with a woman who is married (which is actually the wife of the scientist who created him,) and then the two must flee, going somewhere to get away because as the song says, “I just can’t be seen with you.”

If you’re a fan of Flight Facilities, then I’m sure you’ll love the video. Check out the official video below for “With You” featuring Grovesnor, as well as the following remixes: With You extended 12″, MAM remix , Danny Daze 5am Remix, and the David August Remix.

Official Music Video

Danny Daze 5am Remix

David August Remix

MAM Remix

Extended 12” Mix

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