‘Community’ Hits a Home-Run with ‘Law & Order’ Inspired Episode [Full Episode]

One of the many reasons I watch Community, is because perhaps it reminds me of the few semesters I attended community college. There was always this unrelenting atmosphere of attempting to make community college “spirit-filled,” but majority of people just wanted to get their classes done and go home. There usually isn’t anything really exciting community college, which is due to the lack of football teams, parties, and a wide range of academic opportunities you typically find at a four-year college.

Yet, NBC’s Community still does a great job of reminding us that two-year colleges can still be a lot of fun, especially if you have Troy and Abed as your classmates. And on the latest episode, the crew relied on some inspiration from Law & Order  to take the simple task of figuring out who smashed their potato, and going on this in-depth investigation that could have easily been an episode of Law & Order.

I really liked the episode, and I actually kept laughing at so many points. It was great! Usually Community has it’s hits and misses with me on a comedic level, but I was pleasantly pleased with the episode, which was titled “Basic Lupine Urology.”

Thanks to Hulu.com, you can watch the full episode below. If you like Community and/or Law & Order, then you’ll surely want to see the crew of Community hit a home-run with their spinoff of the classic crime series, Law & Order.

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