I ♥ Tribeca Films | ‘Jesus Henry Christ’ & ‘The Giant Mechanical Man’

I’ve been extremely busy the past few days, and I’m awfully sorry for not blogging! So much has been going on, including a round of job interviews with this company in Maryland. Not sure what is going to happen with that, but at least I still have my blogging and I graduate college in summer, so not too worried about starting my career now. Oh and my 21st birthday is tomorrow. So I guess that’s something worth celebrating.

Within the past few days, I’ve somehow found time to relax with my mom and watch some select films from the Tribeca Film Festival. I’ve always wanted to go to the film fest, but geeze those tickets and film packages are uber expensive! Surely not in my budget, but at least I can afford the $7.99 needed to order select films from the festival on Xfinity/Comcast On Demand.

The first film I watched a few days ago was this amazing movie called The Giant Mechanical Man. The film stars Pam from The Office (her real name is Jenna Fischer,) and Chris Messina (Devil, Julia & Julia.) Basically the film focuses on the two main characters and their journey of finding themselves, feeling “weird” in a society that just doesn’t seem to get them, and of course, finding love.

Chris Messina, who plays Tim, is a struggling street performer who makes a living by being a Giant Mechanical Man. No, he’s not a robot and he doesn’t breakdance. He’s just this cool looking man with a silver face and silver suit who towers over everyone, and he somehow makes people smile. On the contrary, Jenna’s character, whose name is Janice, gets fired from a temp agency and has to move back in with her sister. She isn’t quite the struggling artistic one, but she does feel so alone and lost in this society. She feels like she doesn’t know her purpose, but she finds some type of serenity in rambling her thoughts to the Giant mechanical man; he doesn’t talk to her, he just listens.

I’m not going to spoil the film for you, but it’s truly a film worth checking out. Especially seeing where the characters end up, and how she also learns his real identity. It doesn’t play out like some cheesy romantic comedy in which she storms off upset, doesn’t talk to him for days maybe weeks, then forgives him at an airport before getting on a flight. Nope, it’s not cliche. In the movie you really get to experience a real reaction and what simple love can look like when two people find each other and realize that even though nobody else gets them, they are understood by their counterpart.

The Giant Mechanical Man was such a good film because it truly makes you think about finding yourself and realizing not everyone has to understand you. I often feel so out-of-place in life, and some days I just feel “weird” in comparison to other folks my age. But then I remember that I don’t need everyone to get me or “accept” me, I just need one person to be “weird” with me.  Which is a message that the film Jesus Henry Christ captures.

The film was such a cute, yet often bizarre movie, that follows the story of a 10-year-old genius trying to find his real father. He learns that he was a test-tube baby and he wants to know where his mother, who prefers to call Patricia instead of mom, got the sperm from. So he goes on this quirky hunt for the sperm donor that is responsible for his genius, and in the process he meets his half-sister who is just as (maybe even more) weird than the boy.

It’s such a quirky film that has good film, and I highly recommend that you watch Jesus Henry Christ. Then you should follow it up by watching The Giant Mechanical Man. Both of these films will be presented at the Tribeca Film Festival, and they are quirky yet inspirational movies that remind audience members to be themselves, even if they feel “weird” and out-of-place. Trust me, being “weird” or “outside-the-box” is way more fun then trying to blend in and be what everyone expects you to be.

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