It’s Official, Samuel Jackson Has the Art of Playing “Evil” Down to a Science

It amazes me how Samuel Jackson can continuing staying in the acting game, and constantly playing roles that give him the chance to do what he does best; telling people to shut the hell up and basically stressing the importance of how he expects things to go, his way.

I’m a huge fan of Samuel Jackson, and I love how he always has these “seriously, shut up, let me give a speech” moments in his films. Usually he speeches are pretty good, but I’m not going to lie, his speech in Deep Blue Sea, followed by getting eaten by the shark, always cracks me up. He was just so cantankerous! But then again, that’s what Samuel does best, playing a cantankerous bad ass who gets the job done. So when I first saw the trailer for Meeting Evil, I knew it was about to be on like Donkey Kong!!

Prior to seeing the trailer for Meeting Evil, I was only expecting to see Sam Jackson do his thing as Nick Fury in The Avengers. But watching Meeting Evil, a film based off the crime-thriller by Chris Fisher, truly showed off a dark & sinister side of Samuel. The film co-stars Luke Wilson, who is basically known for his roles at that happy go-lucky guy or the boyfriend who just can’t seem to get it right. The funny thing, Luke knows that he is typecast, and in an interview with, he explains why he decided to take the role in Meeting Evil. Click here to read that interview, it’s pretty good!

So, let’s get down to what I’ve learned from watching Meeting Evil. Well for starters, Samuel Jackson scares me. After watching Meeting Evil, I realized that he does too good of a job playing evil. Seriously, he’s got it down to a science. I mean I knew he had it in him to be really rough around the edges, but in Meeting Evil he just plays this sick, twisted, and extremely insane evil guy that just decides to terrorize Luke Wilson, yet doesn’t actually try to kill him.

Towards the end of the movie, you sort of see this twist unfold in which we learn the truth upon why Samuel decides to terrorize Luke and essentially f*** up his day. But prior to the revelations at the end of the movie, you have to sit still and go on this rollercoaster ride of Sam Jackson killing people, letting out sinister laughs, and rationalize that he just wants to be Luke’s friend. No harm in that, right? Wrong!!! Samuel’s character, whose name is Richie, idea of friendship is basically murdering people that might potentially upset Luke. And if they haven’t upset Luke or possibly might do harm by saying something rude, then Richie just decides to murder them anyways. He enjoys killing, something he surely leaves off job applications when asked about his hobbies.

From the get-go, the movie brings the thrill. From the sinister close-ups of Sam Jackson to the maniacal rationalizations, the character Richie keeps the momentum of thrill rolling. It’s one of those movies that is quite murderous in it’s overall message, but you can’t help but to watch it and see how the story will end.

The film won’t hit theatres until May 4th, which is the same day The Avengers hits theatres. But if you happen to be a Comcast subscriber, like myself, then you can watch the film On Demand. If you like crime thrillers or seeing Samuel Jackson be the ultimate sinister bad ass, then you should totally watch Meeting Evil.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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