The Thirst Debut Visuals for ‘There She Goes’

English indie rock band, The Thirst, have released yet another set of visuals for a track of their critically acclaimed EP, Laugh With Sinners.

I’ve written about the Thirst in the past, and I’ve truly come to love their unique indie sound infused with a soulful vibe. There latest Jak Frsh directed video is for a mellow yet sultry indie song called “There She Goes.” It’s one of my favorite tracks off their EP, which you can downloaded from www.thethirst.co.uk as a limited free download.

Laugh With Sinners was a really good EP that made me fall in love with the sounds of The Thirst, but I must say I am also looking forward to the second part of their EP, Cry With Saints. The band has this intoxicating artsy vibe that is hard to resist, especially when you watch the avant-garde concept for their music video “There She Goes.”

They could have easily told a story, yet instead the video is shot in the stunning simplicity of black and white, while band members Mensah (vocals/guitar), Kwame Hart (bass), and Mark Lenihan (guitar) sit in an a desolate room and sing the beautiful lyrics to “There She Goes.”

Watch the official video below for The Thirst’s “There She Goes” and be sure to support their music. This English indie rock band is on their way to something great….I can feel it in my bones.

Check out their website: www.thethirst.co.uk
Like their page on Facebook.com/thethirst
Follow them @thethirst

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