Legendary NYC Street Musician, Moondog

As of late, I’m addicted to chillout/lounge music. Listening to the sounds of Telepopmusik and Cafe Del Mar compilations have lead me to the discovery of a phenomenal homeless street musician that was way ahead of his time, Moondog. I’ve actually heard his song “Bird’s Lament” years and years ago, but never know the title or the artist, just the melody. So hearing the song and finding out it was by an artist named Moondog, lead me on a musical discovery.

Born Louis Thomas Hardin, Moondog was a musician during the late 40s and 70s. Even though he maintained an apartment uptown, he surprisingly opted to live as a street musician. So he wasn’t homeless, but he enjoyed living on the street and wearing viking outfits inspired by Norse mythology and of course, Thor. I wouldn’t be surprised if many folks thought this guy was crazy, but in actuality he was a musical genius!

His musical innovation was so genius that he was even recognized by the New York Philharmonic. His musical was well ahead of it’s time. It has this brilliant fusion of jazz, classic, and a gritty urban street sound (the sounds of urban life passing by.) His ear for composition was quite impeccable, as well as his ability to create several new instruments. In a way, I guess you could say he is sort of like the inventor Leonardo Da Vinci. I mean, they both do have long epic beards, so that is something they had in common.

Moondog wrote a lot of great songs, but by far my favorite is “Bird’s Lament.” The original is less than 3 mins in runtime, but the Mr. Scruff remix pumps up the volume, and it gives it a timeless swing vibe. And if you read my earlier blog posts, then you know I’m a huge fan of swing, so I can’t hate on Moondog and the vibe of “Bird’s Lament.”

Check out some of the timeless compositions by Moondog. He died in 1999, but up until the end of his career and his life over in Germany, he kept progressing as an innovative musician with an ear for experimenting with jazz, classic, and the sounds of the street…

“Bird’s Lament

My favorite!

Mr. Scruff “Get A Move On” (Bird’s Lament Remix)

Chaconne in G Major

One of my favorites as well.

“Do Your Thing”

Feel free to check out more of Moondog’s music by simply searching YouTube. I’m warning you, you’re going to fall into a whole new world of music, so be prepared for hours of magical discoveries. 🙂

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