Techno-Trance | Moonbeam ft. Blackfeel Wite – “Song for a Girl”

I’m a big fan of all things EDM, but it’s quite rare that you’ll find me listening to any techno, trance, or fusion of techno-trance. It’s usually not my first choice of music to listen to within the EDM category, but it doesn’t mean I necessarily hate it. I’m just picky when it comes to the type of techno and trance I enjoy.

I like my trance to be a little on the dark side and have a nice selection of euphoric vocals. I like my music to be dark, seductive, and quite dreamlike. So when I was listening to my Pandora station for TEED, I was shocked when a trance song was thrown into the shuffle. I was going to immediately push thumbs down, but then I listened the rest of the track and fell in love!

The track I heard was by Russian techno/trance producers Moonbeam. The duo has been out for quite some time, and their track “Song for a Girl” is such an spectacular song. It’s not too dark or annoying with repetitive high pitched rhythms, but it’s just the right combination of techno/trance. But the best things about the song are the lyrics, the chorus, and the ending of the track.

Check out the track below. The video is weird, but still kind of awesome! I guess it somehow goes with the lyrics, but in the end it doesn’t matter; its a great song with a cool video.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25. http://thinksoul25.com


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