An Indie Anthem for Sunny Days | Jonquil “It’s My Part”

Ah, Spring Break is right around the corner. Thus, signaling the sun to go ahead and shine throughout the DMV. It’s not like we really had a winter, so it’s quite alright for the sun to pop out & grace us with it’s warmth (I’ll pass on the solar flares.)

Sometimes I wish I was out in L.A. with my brother and enjoying the beach, the sun, and that entire “Hollywood” vibe, but I’m definitely an East coast girl. I enjoy having harsh winters, but then it’s all made up for when spring/summer come around. And if you can’t handle the cold one weekend, then you easily can fly down to Miami for “fun” in the sun. If not “fun” in the sun, then you can enjoy the electronic dance music scene. But even if you don’t make it down to the beaches of Miami, then you still can enjoy the sunny days by jamming out to the sounds of Jonquil’s “It’s My Part.”

If it wasn’t for me perusing YouTube for hours in search of some Totally Extinct Dinosaurs remixes, then I would have never ran across Jonquil. Hailing from Oxford, this indie band has a nice eclectic sound that is perfect for a sunny day. When I listen to “It’s My Part” I imagine myself wearing some pedal-pushers (capri pants) and riding a beach cruiser. Man, that sounds quite amazing. The wind blowing through my hair, trying to avoid getting hit by crazy Maryland drivers, and just enjoy the bliss of speeding down the road. Then of course I’d make my way to the C&O Trail, and work my way down to the Potomac River. Ah, sounds like so much fun.

But in order for that scenario to take place, I would definitely need to have some good music playing in my headphones. I already have Strange Talk’s “Climbing Walls” to set the mood, and Jonquil’s “It’s My Part” is just yet another indie jam perfect for a nice sunny day riding throughout the city. So I’ve got the music, now all I

need is the beach cruiser. Hmm…my birthday is coming up next month, perhaps I’ll try to persuade my mom to buy me a beach cruiser. LOL I’m so simple when it comes to happiness. 🙂 Good music, a bike ride, and being creative are enough to make me smile.

P.S. Did you know that Jonquil is actually a flower from the daffodil family? It’s also a color & a fragrance. So what a very cool name to have for a band.

Jonquil “It’s My Part” Official Video

TEED Remix of “It’s My Part”

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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