Parisian Groovin | J’aime la musique house français

I absolutely slept till noon today. No shame. I was up all night on the phone consecutively from 10pm to around 3:30am. I ended up catching up with an old friend (I’ve never met) from the days of Myspace chatting, and then I had to talk to one of my favorite friends who still lives out in Colorado (oh, how I miss him dearly.) We talked on the phone for quite some time, and then I ended up talking to someone else till about 3:30am. Basically just catching up with a lot of people last night. On top of that, everyday this week I was helping my brother move stuff from his apartment to ours since he officially is moving back to L.A. in a few days. So, I was uber exhausted from the entire week, which explains my laziness today.

I’m still going to have a lazy/chill Friday, but at least I got up, took a shower, and now I’m laying down in my bed before I work on school work. But now that I’ve finally risen from my slumber & started my day, I decided to spend some time looking for some new music. It’s been about a week since I’ve stumbled some good new music (aside from house.) So I headed over to YouTube and saw that one of the channels I’m subscribed to decided to upload a track by a Parisian artist named Darius. I had never heard of Darius, but after clicking on video & after and heading over to the official Facebook page, I was hooked.

I suppose it’s hard for me to get away from house, because every time I go on these hunts for new music, I end up finding music within the genre of house or EDM (electronic dance music.) So when I started listening to Darius, I realized that I had found a new favorite French House artist. I’m still madly in love with the sounds of L’Étranger & Louis La Roche, but Darius is pretty massive. He is just yet another one of the Parisian artists to add to my list: Bob Sinclair, Dimitri From Paris, and Darius.

When I say “Parisian” I don’t just mean the origin of the music, but I also am referring to french house. It has this unique disco vibe, but then it’s infused with a pop-ish electronic sound. Not only is the music reminiscent of the disco days, but the overall vibe is this timeless class. For instance, take a look at the picture of Bob Sinclair & Dimitri From Paris below, that picture is just a symbol of how timeless & effortless a lot of their french house tracks are. Well, a lot of Bob Sinclair’s old tracks have that vibe. Most of his new stuff is….eh, not so great. I miss the old Bob Sinclair. But that’s an entirely different blog post.

So when it comes to French House, I’m in love with a lot of different tracks. And today, the sounds of Parisian grooves are the perfect anthem for my ultra chill Friday. I’m over here jamming to Darius, Dimitri From Paris, Louis La Roche, L’Étranger, and some other unique artists I found on soundcloud. So if you happen to be a fan of the nu-disco vibes of French House (also referred to as French Touch),  then check out some of the tracks I found below. It’s nice to shuffle between soulful house & the Parisian groovin’ of French house. When I’m in a timeless mode, then I set the mood to the sounds of Paris. I close my eyes and daydream about the city of lights & the music pulsating throughout the sky. J’adore la musique house française. C’est merveilleux! (Oh yeah, I studied French…so I know some.) 🙂 Even more fitting for the occasion!

Napoleon IIIrd – The Unknown Unknown (L’Étranger Remix)

OMG, it’s insane for a track to be this good! You can download for free too….so download it!

Dubwiser – Slowly (L’Étranger Remix)

L’Étranger – Falling For You (Original Mix)

Une chanson magnifique! (A wonderful song.)

L’Étranger – Touch (Original Mix)

Darius (Official) – Original Mix

All these tracks are awesome, but my favs are: Maliblue, Road Trip, & Falling In Love.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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