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If you’ve been reading my blog in the past two years or recently, you know that I love music. Music is my life! I love all types of music, but of course my true passion is my mad infatuation with the soulful sounds of house. I try to devote this blog to mainly all things culture, and of course an extreme dosage of house music. But every now & then I’ll post something hip-hop related for an artist that contacts me, but still isn’t getting them the right audience they need.

But, that is no longer an issue. No longer will hip-hop artists have to try and get their music on my blog (even though I love posting it,) because thanks to my position as Senior Editor & Site Administrator at Hip Hop Illustrated, you can now get your music featured on a site with fans that are craving strictly hip-hop, r&b, and gossip/entertainment.

If you’re an upcoming artist or perhaps an artist that is already established, you are often faced with that challenge of promoting your music. Often the question arises, “How do I get my music to the masses?” Or yet, “How do I get fans?” Well, no longer do you (the artist) have to worry about going on a blogging frenzy and trying to Tweet your way to stardom (unless you feel inclined.)

Hip Hop Illustrated has some awesome artist promotion packages that are affordable: ranging from the basic plan to the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum level. Each plan has it’s own unique perks, and depending upon your needs, you can find the right one that will suit you. So whether it’s the basic plan of $9 and having your music posted along with a bio, or the most popular silver plan that gets your music featured on the homepage & an awesome article written by yours truly, we’ve got you covered over at Hip Hop Illustrated.

So head on over to the site today & check out the artist promotion service. While you’re at it, go ahead and read some of the great articles and content. The site is still growing day by day, so be sure to check back soon for more content. Also, we are looking for writers. So if you want to write, then contact me on here, Tweet me @thinksoul25 , Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Jazei25 , or simply email me askmethink25@hotmail.com

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