Simply Beautiful | Bon Iver – “Towers” (Official Music Video)

Ever since watching Bon Iver’s live studio recording at AIR studios, I’ve been listening to a lot of their music. Out of all the tracks I’ve heard, I must say that “Holocene” is surely a great song worth listening to on a quiet afternoon. Not just that track, but all of Bon Iver’s songs have this way of just easing your mind.

However, “Towers” is a track that is able to ease your mind, but still has that playful folk vibe that is the perfect soundtrack for a midday stroll. When I listen to the song I surely do think of a nice walk, but the music video for the song has something different in mind; an old man heading out to sea to build a towers. It sort of does have that classic literature vibe. One blog mentioned that its reminiscent of Ernest Hemingway’sThe Old Man and the Sea, which could be an accurate comparison.

It does remind me of the classic Hemingway story, but with a fresh spin on it. But instead of trying to sit here and analyze every aspect of the video, I’d rather just push play and enjoy the beautiful music & stunning visuals of Bon Iver’s lovely song, “Towers.”

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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