Album Review | Futuristic Definitely Knows How to ‘Dream Big’

Do you have a morning anthem? You know, that song you listen to every single morning in order to have the strength to conquer the day. Or perhaps you’re like me and have a few songs in rotation. Whether it be one song or a few, I think every one (especially music junkies) needs to have an anthem they listen to every morning (or at least some point in the day.)

Currently my morning playlist consist of some of my favorite house tracks, but upon hearing Futuristic’s new album Dream Big, I think I might have stumbled upon my new morning anthem; Futuristic’s album entitled song “Dream Big.” Like seriously dude, dream big! How much better of a morning anthem can you find? It’s surely a track that will appease the hip-hop lovers, but then it’s also a nice inspirational track that even the non-hip-hop fans can enjoy.

And for those of you worried that it might be another rapper attempting to sing his own chorus in order to impress the ladies (which is usually a fail when rappers who can’t sing try to,) don’t be worried. Futuristic is not only extremely talented, but he is musically wise. Instead of attempting to sing a chorus and parading around a with big ego saying “I do everything by myself” like most rappers do, he actually worked with vocalist Jerrin Jaramillo (present on other tracks as well) to make “Dream Big” a nice fusion of hip-hop with an R&B vibe.

“Dream Big” is a pretty awesome track, but it’s just the start of an even more collection of awesomesauce. Every track on Futuristic’s album Dream Big brings something unique to the entire project. The production by AKT Aktion is pure perfection! You’ve got a mixture of tracks with a chill hip-hop vibe, to tracks such as “Fuck You Mean” which can totally be a banger.  Futuristic even goes hip-hop/rock with his track “Can’t Handle Me,” another great track on his album that has Futuristic dropping his usual witty & swag driven rhymes.

After listening to each track on the album, I can honestly say that I think Futuristic could easily make it big. I mean he’s already dreaming big, so now all he needs to do is make it big. He’s got quite a knack for being versatile in his delivery as well as his subject matter, and you know that’s definitely a good thing. I can’t stand when rappers just always release an ignorant conglomerate of tracks, but Futuristic switches it up. He can be outlandishly raw to the point where you have to rewind his lyrics & laugh at his epic absurdities (check out his track “Reviews”), but then he can still be fresh & clean with some lyrics that don’t ensue laughs (always good laughter when listening to Futuristic,) but tracks that inspire provocative thought.

So at the end of the day, I have to say that I’m totally in love with Futuristic’s new album Dream Big. And coming from someone that barely bothers to listen to hip-hop nowadays due to the lack of creativity and the brain freeze lyrics on the radio, it’s impressive that his album actually caught my attention longer than a few minutes. It’s good music. No complaints from me. So what are you guys waiting for? Go listen to his album & download it! Seriously, are you still waiting? Go….now!



©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25. http://thinksoul25.com

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