♥ | Kraak & Smaak – “Hold Back Love” (Lovebirds Remix)

I love funky house music! I just love that feeling when a funky house track takes over your body, and you can’t resist the urge to just get down right funky! Okay, let me stop. There is definitely a lot of funk in the funk in the funk disco groovin’ going on in this post.

My whole point is, I love a deep house track that has that funky vibe, which is why I’m totally jamming to Kraak & Smaak’s latest release “Hold Back Love.” You may have the urge to hold back love, but you surely can’t hold back the funk when this groovy tune comes on.

The track features the vocals of Lex Empress, and the remix by Lovebirds takes this track to new heights. I’m a huge fan of Lovebirds, so whenever I see their name associated with a track I know it’s going to be some amazing house music ready to pump through my body. And I was totally right! I heard this track on the latest SS Radio UK podcast and once I saw the tracklist, I had to track it down because it’s a Lovebirds remix.Well, that wasn’t the only reason I hunted down the track; I’ve been a huge fan of Kraak & Smaak for years.

Kraak & Smaak are currently artists (the trio consists of Netherlands producers Oscar de Jong, Mark Kneppers and Wim Plug) on Jalapeno Records, a UK record label home to some amazing dance & house music. It’s nice to see a label devoted to such good music, and I’m glad that Kraak & Smaak are able to stay true to their voice, and not being forced to conform. So many labels out now have a bunch of artists that sound the same, and often the originality seems to get lost. But Kraak & Smaak have proved anything with their EP Electric Hustle, they have proved that they will always bring the best in experimental funk, house music, and electronica.

No club bangers for them, just some amazing house that is enough to get you moving, grooving, and screaming “hallelujah!” If you haven’t peeped Electric Hustle (it was released last year,) then be sure to check out some of the tracks on YouTube. It’s a nice mixture of house, funk, and electronic music that you should totally add to your playlist. 🙂

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