Ice Cream, Anyone? | Skrillex ‘Bangarang’ (Official Music Video)

If there is one thing I’ve learned throughout the past two years blogging & posting YouTube videos, I can say I learned that those darn YouTube commenters take everything so serious! I mean for instance, early today I was listening to Deadmau5 track “Maths,” and I took it upon myself to begin reading the comments. Within reading the first comment, I could immediately tell I had wandered into an argument of how Deadmau5 created Skrillex. WTF?

It was such a heated debate stating that Deadmau5 therefore invented Skrillex because he discovered him, therefore Skrillex wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Deadmau5. It was just a redundant argument that appeared to have no end in sight, specially when someone claimed Skrillex invented dubstep (it got really epic at that moment.) Feel free to go read the amusing commentary for yourself by clicking here.

So after enjoying a few good laughs, I decided to see if Skrillex (the Grammy-award winning DJ/Producer) had released any new music videos. I like Skrillex, he’s got a unique hairstyle, amazing glasses, and good music. No complaints from me (even though lately I’ve been listening to M83 religiously.) I like dubstep, so whenever I hear that Skrillex has a new track I always check it out.

He’s been doing a lot on the music scene lately. From interviews, performances, collaboarations, and so much more. Anyone who loves electronic music is somewhere out there with at least one or more Skrillex tracks rotating in your playlist. He’s quite popular right now on the scene, but it’s nice to see him take some time to release a new music video for his track “Bangarang.”

The music video for the track is quite unconventional, but then again, that’s Skrillex for ya. The video takes the idea of a good old fashioned ice cream man, and adds this creepy rebellious vibe from the youth. Instead of just kindly paying for ice cream, the kids basically rebel & steal the ice cream. It’s basically a ice cream truck hijacking of some sort, but it’s not completely a booming success. But hey, who doesn’t love ice cream? It may not be the nicest way to get ice cream, but kids will apparently be kids.

Check out the visuals for the music video below. What are you thoughts on it?

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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