I ♥ Kenny Bobien

Today has just been one of those days in which I’m exceedingly exhausted from a few individuals. After awhile I just truly need my space to figure things out, which perhaps explain why being single for almost a year now has been an excellent decision.

I’ve tried my fair share of dating, but I’m still just not mentally ready. Every time I think I am, I just realize it’s not quite right; resulting in extenuating predicaments. I try (trying right now) not to dwell on these things, so I just focus on the uplifting sounds of house music to soothe my soul.

There is a lot of good house music out there, but sometimes the vocals of Kenny Bobien have this way of elevating my soul. In the midst of the drama & chaos I randomly stumble into (not often,) the right song featuring the vocals of Kenny Bobien usual comes on during one of the many podcasts I listen to.

I love Kenny Bobien. His high pitched soulful vocals are truly the remedy for my soul when I’m just feeling like crap. So today I was feeling a little perturbed, but then I heard Kenny Bobien’s soulful vocals on Studio Apartment’s track “On The Way.” It’s one of those song that has that uplifting gospel vibe, and it truly made my day; reminding me that better days & blessings are always on the way.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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