Awesomesauce | The Sounds of “Digitals”

I couldn’t imagine being forced to go throughout the day without having interaction via phone, social media, email, videogames, Macbook (my bro & I call it Macbooking it,) and just be immersed in the digital.

As our society grows more advanced technologically, we are constantly being bombarded with the sounds of notifications & apps. It doesn’t bother me too much, especially if it’s the notification sound of Words With Friends. Yeah, I just became addicted to it. I barely played it before, but now it could be an obsession every now and then. At least the notifier sound is so adorable!

But not everything sounds good together. All the Tweets, FB chat sounds, text messages, phone calls, and digital sounds can be annoying at times; a recipe for a dreadful headache. Yet, filmmaker Chris Crutchfield shows us that all these digital sounds can work together in a seamless fusion of good music.

Crutchfield’s short video “Digitals” is his interpretation of a day he experienced, a day in which he received Tweets, sms, Facebook messages, and a phone call all at once. So he decided to make a short video & turn all the madness of the digital sounds into a video that in my opinion is awesomesauce.

If only the sounds of my day could actually create a nice mellow tune. But then again, my days consistent of house music blasting from my speakers & ipod dock; so usually the digital sounds of the day get lost in pure awesomesauce of house. Yet, I’m sure it would be kind of fun to take the sounds of electronics and turn them into a song. But luckily, Chris Crutchfield has already done that for us.

Peep the visuals below.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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