Relativity | Lemâitre’s Short Narrative

I’ve been playing the hell out of Lemâitre’s EP Relativity. The tracks have been added to my favorite playlist, as well as being apart of my workout playlist (I use them for cooling down.)

The EP is pretty awesome, and I’m glad that Lemâitre has decided to release videos for each track. These aren’t the usual music videos you’d picture for such amazing tracks. Instead of telling an individual story, each video is connected; a piece of the short narrative is revealed in every video.

So far  a video for “Appreciate” and “Coffee Table” have been released. Apparently there are two more videos to come in the series, so stay tuned. Once they release the other two videos, I promise I will come back and update this post. 🙂


Coffee Table

I really like this track!

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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