Electro | The Morning Playlist

I haven’t had the chance to blog in the past day, mainly because I’ve actually been having a social life. Nothing really major, but I did kind of meet this really nice guy & I’ve been getting to know him. It’s nice to just get to know someone new, as well as having someone to work out with (he’s on his way over so we can go run together.) I don’t really have much more to say about the guy (don’t want to jinx it,) so for now just know that you never know when someone cool can randomly fall into your life….

In the midst of getting to know him, it’s been pretty cool also inviting him into my world of music & vice versa. I def still have to introduce him to the world of house music, but the past few days I’ve been in this nostalgic 80s vibe. I’ve really been jamming to a lot of electropop music by Kamp!, Lemaitre, and Futurecop! If you haven’t downloaded Lemaitre’s new EP, then be sure to check it out. I’ve really been enjoying listening to “Coffee Table” over & over again.

If you’ve read my blog in the past then you know that I love electropop, so I’m always perusing YouTube and finding new music. I just really love that electropop sound, especially if it has a steady synth. Some of the songs I’ve been listening to lately have made it onto my workout playlist, but they’ve also been a part of my morning music routine. I can’t start my day without listening to music, so you know I’m always changing up my morning playlist. So this week my playlist has been a total 80s vibe, as well as a European electropop fusion.

Check out some of the tracks I’ve been listening to below.

ODahl – Just Be Easy

Housee De Racket – Roman (Oliver Remix)

I totally love this remix! So 80ish.

Toomy Disco – Back From Cosmo (ODahl Alternative Remix)

Tesla Boy – Electric Lady (ODahl Remix)

ODahl – Out of Control (Justin Faust Remix)

Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix)

Kamp! – heats (ODahl Remix)

I love this track!!!

Futurecop! – Gateaux Blaster

Star Wars – Duel of The Fates (The Noisy Freaks & Dead CAT Bounce Remix)

The Magician- I Don’t Know What to Do (Errka Remix)

Lemaitre – Coffee Table

This one is more electro, but still has a pop-ish vibe to it.

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