UK House/Garage | South Central – “Muzik(Original Mix)”

I spent the majority of yesterday listening to music and working on schoolwork. Of course in between the midst of my busy day I did run an errand, and at the end of the night I did a hardcore workout on my spin bike; I was completely exhausted and headed to bed early after watching Modern Family on DVR.

Originally, I had planned on posting this track I heard, but I just couldn’t stay up. Then my body had the audacity to wake up around 3:30am, and I was greeted by some text messages. So I texted back & forth with one eye close, then called it quits. Yet, I promised myself that in the morning I would post this UK house/garage track I heard on a previous SS Radio UK show.

The track is by South Central & it’s called “Muzik.” It’s a classic track from the London record label Swing City, which was founded in 1995 by Grant Nelson. If you know anything about the music scene in London, then you probably know that garage is also very popular over there. It started in the early 90s as a descendant from house music, and it became very popular due to it’s unique “syncopated 4/4 percussive rhythm with ‘shuffling’ hi-hats and beat-skipping kick drums” (Wikipedia).

Garage was (and still is) being produced, but I’m still a fan of the classic tracks from artists like MJ Cole, Grant Nelson, & Artful Dodger. Garage is probably yet another one of those genres you either love or hate. I’m really versatile when it comes to music, so I’m all for house, drum & bass, dub-step, 2-step/garage, & dance music. But every now and then it’s nice to just listen to garage classics, so when I heard South Central’s classic hit “Muzik” I just had to share!

Check out the track below, and also head over to YouTube & check out Jasper Street Company’s “Get Together (London Connection Remix.)” That happens to also be another nice garage track that I enjoy listening to.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25. http://thinksoul25.com

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