Massive Deep House | Alex Agore’s ‘I Got Something’ EP

OMFG! It blows my mind when I find house tracks that are deep beyond words. It’s rare (well, not too rare when it comes to deep house) that a track actually makes me speechless, but I’ve got to say that Alex Agore’s “I Got Something” and the I Got Something EP is insanely deep. I’m not even sure what to say. Like, wow! I had never heard of Alex Agore until today, and I can honestly say I think I just fell in love with his music. I might have a new deep house favorite, because Alex Agore is totally killing it with the deep house tracks. Keep them coming!

I guess if you’re not prancing around the room and jackin’ your body, then you don’t know anything about the good sensations and vibrations of deep house music! Alex Agore is the truth, and “I Got Something” is the perfect example of what a deep house track should do; leave you speechless & craving more deep euphoric rhythm. A deep house track should thrust you into a time machine and take you back to the days of the Warehouse & the Paradise Garage. Deep house should move your body, move your mind, and rock your soul. Yup, now that’s what deep house is all about…

Alex Agore I Got Something EP. Check it out if your ready to be rocked, swayed, and have the vibrations of the deep beats pulsating throughout your body & soul. If you’re craving even more, than check out some other amazing tracks below from Alex Agore’s previous EPs. Also check him out on soundcloud @

“I Got Something”

Wow, wow, wow. I love this track!

“I Don’t Know Why”

Taking it a little deeper on this track, and the addition of the soulful vocals take it to new heights.

“Do You Believe?”

Wow, this is soooooooooo good! Yes, I do believe in the power of deep house. Haha, it’s hypnotic!

“Feel It”

“Don’t Need No One”

As one YouTuber put it, this is totally a “massive cut.” Yes, this track is very massive & epic. Haha, sometimes you really don’t need no one. All you need is the house music to push your forward and propel your soul to create & explore life.

“Improper Change”

Ah, nice and deep on this one…

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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