Lounging Out | Beach House, Chill Out Music, & Lounge

Ah, my last week before the semester starts. I’m basically just going to spend this week relaxing (writing of course,) and just lounging out. I mean I could go try and do a bunch of stuff & hang out with people, but I’m getting one of my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow and my face is going to be swollen. I’m getting one tooth pulled tomorrow (it’s decaying) and getting the other three pulled in two weeks (it’s so expensive, but at least insurance pays for half).

I’m not looking forward to having my face swollen, but least I can just lounge out and read some books. But relaxing isn’t really all that fun unless you’ve got some good music to accompany you. The type of music that chills you out, and puts you in a dreamlike state. House, especially soulful house, always lifts my spirits and gets me jumping for joy. But lounge music calms my mind, body, and soul; a recipe for peace that will hopefully get me through this week.

Chill out music, beach house, & lounge are the relaxing grooves I enjoy lounging out to. It’s nice to just lay down, close your eyes, and just reflect on the beauty of life. Even if you’re eyes are closed, its best to be on a beach or somewhere outside and have your headphones in while listening to the sensational vibes; let the music move your mind.

When it comes to chill out music, I enjoy the Cafe Del Mar compilations, as well as Bargrooves, Ministry of Sound Chill Out Sessions, and the Beach House Podcast on iTunes. The compilations & podcast have a beautiful selection of some tunes that are sure to groove your mind & soul, but I also have a few individual artists that I truly enjoy listening to. As far as vocalists go, I love Cathy Battistessa and Lisa Shaw. Both of those women have some amazing vocals that take over every track, yet still have this angelic balance that is just right.

A lounge track is even better if it has some amazing vocals, but sometimes it’s also nice when it’s just instrumental. It all really depends on the track & the overall mood you’re looking for. But whether you want tracks that have vocals or not, the one thing that remains constant is that relaxing vibe. A lot of great music comes from Blank & Jones. So many compilations and songs by them that will blow your mind.

Below are a few of my favorite chill out/beach house/lounge tracks that I enjoy relaxing to. Some of them I found a few years ago while going through a frenzy of downloading & buying compilations, while others I ran across while listening to podcasts. Do you need to free your mind? Then listen to some of the tracks below & drift away….

Pashka – Island Breeze (Sultan & Ned Shepard Downtempo)

The original “Island Breeze” by Pashka is amazing, but this one really chills you out.

The BB & Q Band – Dreamer (Elias Tzikas Remix)

Blank & Jones – Survivor

Such a beautiful song!

Blank & Jones – Miracle Man ft. Cathy Battistessa

Samantha James – Waves of Change

Lisa Shaw – Like I Want To

Phonique – Feel What You Want

Blank & Jones – Loneliness

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