Awesomesauce | Fishing Under Ice

Believe it or not, I’m a huge fan of fishing (thanks to living in Colorado). I’ve gone a few times in my life & I loved the experience of reeling in a big bass. So amazing to feel the struggle between you and that fish, but then you overcome the struggle and reel in a beautiful creature. Of course I ended up letting the bass go, but there have been times were we kept the fish and did the cleaning & cooking process. Fishing is fun, but “Fishing Under Ice” makes fishing even more amazing.

2011 was a great year for viral videos, but I think 2012 might be even better. Apparently it’s already getting off to a great start, thanks to the latest viral video called “Fishing Under Ice.” The video has been baffling YouTube and Vimeo users for the past two days. It’s this amazing viral video that is a mesmerizing work of art. Three fishers are fishing underwater, but you never actually seem them “fishing.” It’s more like having a good old time with buddies and just doing what they do every weekend, chilling out underneath the ice.

The entire thing is shot amazing, but you can clearly understand why it’s baffling viewers. How are the divers’ air bubbles being blown downwards instead of upwards? Why do the laws of physics & science seem to be not working according to what we learned in middle school? Well folks, the answer is that the entire video was filmed upside down. Yup, it’s this illusion. Now I’m not even sure how they got them walking on the ice since it was filmed upside down, but one that is clear is this is quite a mesmerizing video.

I’ve watched it a few times and I’m still curious how they actually filmed it. Some say that it could be a red herring (misleading & diverting attention from how the entire thing was actually filmed.) At the end of the day I guess it doesn’t really matter how they actually put this thing together. The only thing that matter is it’s an amazing video that needs to be appreciated for it’s creativity.

I don’t think anyone is out there wanting to perhaps go fishing under ice (it’s tempting though,) but this video does make me want to go fishing sometime soon. Instead of catching rubber ducks, I actually want to go reel in some real fish. But needless to say, the rubber duck in the video is quite adorable!

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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