The Art of Slow Motion Film | High Speed Reel 2011

When it comes to film, I’ve always been extremely fascinated with slow-motion & time-lapses. I still haven’t had the chance to actually due an intricate time-lapse, but I did dabble with slow-motion techniques when taking some production classes during my underclassmen days.

I honestly still have a lot of filmmaking I’d like to complete, I just need to get better equipment and in the right mindset. Until that day actually comes along (hopefully this Spring I will film,) I will continue to enjoying the amazing works of filmmakers worldwide.

A lot of amazing short films are being posted on the Web nowadays, but one that stands out to me right now is this amazing slow motion film by Charles Bergquist. This San Diego, California-based photographer/director/designer just revealed a new piece of film art titled “High Speed Reel.” The reason I call his film “film art” is because you can tell from the film that he is more than just a filmmaker. Bergquist utilizes his photographer eye to capture breathtaking moments using his Olympus i-Speed3 video camera.

The film captures some beautiful moments in life, and the video is set to some amazing music by Mux Mool called “The Butterfly Effect.” The video is so high quality, but it’s also very innovative. Slow-motion may seem like a simple process, but he clearly timed everything out just right and chose certain angles to shoot from, as well as picking the right subject matter. The precision that he used to shoot this result in a phenomenal work of slow-motion art that needs to be seen.

View this incredible film below & visit Charles Bergquist’s website for more amazing film & photography.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

One thought on “The Art of Slow Motion Film | High Speed Reel 2011

  1. This is stunning! It’s good to know that people “stop and smell the flowers” and still appreciate the rawness of nature despite the fast-paced world today. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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