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Check it Out | Superheroine Breast Cancer Awareness Ads

Luckily none of the woman in my family have been affected by breast cancer, but that still doesn’t mean it’s not a serious issue affecting women worldwide. Every time I visit my obgyn for an annual checkup, I always think about all the woman in the waiting room that could be dealing with breast cancer. A few years ago my mom was concerned that she might have it, but luckily periodic visits to the doctor proved that she was healthy and there were no immediate signs of breast cancer. Hopefully the prognosis remains that way for many years to come.Yet even though she doesn’t have breast cancer, my mom (artist Janie McGee) still supports breast cancer awareness and in the summer she created beautiful artwork to be used by Ohio State University. Check out her amazing efforts here:

Whether it runs in your family or not, every woman should make sure to do self breast examinations. No matter if you’re 20 or in your late 40s and beyond, you should be checking. I used to think it wasn’t a big deal since I’m only 20, but after visiting my obgyn and learning about how serious breast cancer is, I realized that it could happen to anyone. I’ll admit that I’m slacking when it comes doing a BSE (Breast Self Exam) but the awareness surrounding the issue has made me more proactive in checking. It’s not like you have to sit there and feel your breasts every day (unless of course you like doing that,) but it’s important to do a BSE at least once a month. Remember, no woman is immune, especially not superheroes.

We’ve all seen the beautiful artwork and campaigns with the beautiful pink ribbon in significance of breast cancer, but we’ve yet to see something as innovative as the latest breast cancer awareness ads. The latest ads are by the Public Health initiative of Mozambique and they show beautiful super-heroines Hulk, Storm, Wonder Woman, & Catwoman holding their breasts in order to symbolize the importance of breast self exams. Of course self exams may not show the lumps that are only detectable by mammography, but it’s still important to raise awareness. Not only are they raising awareness, but they are appeal to the geeky woman inside all of us (well, at least myself) who daydream about being a superheroine and how awesome it would be to have powers. It’s a very powerful message with such amazing artwork to match.

Check out the photos below.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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