Deep House | Yohan Esprada feat. Lorena – “Try Me(Jedset Walk N Reprised)”

So today I decided to revisit a piece of fiction I was working on. Writers tend to have a variety of projects they work on sporadically, so I go back and forth between my fiction book to my non-fiction book. Both of them are essentially complete, but they have lots of revisions that need to be made. So I’m taking the day off from my non-fiction book, and I’m getting lost in my fictional characters.

The guy in the apartment downstairs is being such a jerk today and is blasting this insanely loud crappy hip-hop (apparently his sound system must be cheap.) It just sounds so bad! It’s not like I’m going to go downstairs and yell at him( I’m not that type of person,) so I’d rather just put my headphones on and listen to SS Radio UK.

SS Radio UK has so many great shows, but right now I’m listening to Strictly House Session December 15th episode. The show starts off with this catchy song called “Try Me.” The original track is pretty sick, but the Jedset Walk N Reprised remix is hands down the best. DJ/Producer/Re-mixer Yohan Esprada did such an excellent job with this track featuring the vocals of Lorena. It’s a perfect song for a cloudy day like today, a cup of coffee, and typing away for hours on my Macbook Pro.

I love a good deep house track that has dreamlike synths and an upbeat chorus that keeps your mind, body, and soul grooving to the beat. “Try Me (Jedset Walk N Reprised)” is a nice track that has great piano chords, a sax wailing in the background, and a minimal percussion vibe.

Check out the track below.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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