Team RAWR | Miko Miko Bang! – “Get Back”

RAWR! You already know what time it is. Yes, Baby Dinosaurs & CO. is in the building! Haha, okay not exactly in the building, but they do have some new music that is totally rawr-diculous! Um yeah, I just made up a word. Eh, it’s what I do!

But I digress. The other day @TeamRAWR hit me up on Twitter and let me know that Miko Miko Bang! (President/Music Director BDCO) dropped some fresh Ayinde7 directed visuals for his new single “Get Back.” I had no idea that Miko Miko Bang! was such a talented guy. I hadn’t really checked out his music before because I had been bobbing my head to the tantalizing and fresh lyrics of BDCO’s artist Justin W. You might recall that I did a blog post on his music not too long ago, so be sure to check out that post for more information on Baby Dinosaurs & Co.  and an upcoming rapper/producer Justin W. Click here ————–> BABY DINOSAURS & CO/JUSTIN W.

Miko Miko Bang! has an original vibe to his music, which you’d probably expect from a guy who’s slogan on his tumblr banner is “When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a panda.” It’s original, witty, refreshing, and down-right creative. With his video “Get Back,” Miko Miko Bang! gives us a glimpse the direction his new conceptual album Forever Sasha will take. Conceptual….I like that.

His video “Get Back” isn’t really rapping or singing, more like this avant-garde spoken word of pain, frustration, and attempting to move on from a woman who just did him wrong. Then everyone tells him he needs to “get back” but his “mind is too far” and he can “never get back.” He’s just brushing the dirt off his shoulders and moving forward. No need to dwell on the past. Miko Miko Bang! clearly expresses that with his line “Baby, I’m fine I’m fine, I’m good. I’m leaving these hoes right where I should.”  How much more clear can you get? Miko Miko Bang! is telling it like it is!

I’m really feeling this song. It’s refreshing, abstract, and the video is yet another stunning visual shot by creative director Ayinde7. He’s really been producing some quality visuals to go with such great music. I’m glad that he’s apart of Team Rawr and the Baby Dinosaurs & Co. camp.

So please be sure to support this DMV record label and help put these artists on the map. Peep the visuals below and be sure to check out the official site for BDCO.

Visit Miko Miko Bang! at his official website:

Oh, and I totally forgot to post Justin W’s latest music video “I Will Not Go.”  So peep the Ayinde7 visuals below.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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