Deep House: Aki Bergen ft. Carmen Sherry – “Into My Soul (Spiritchaser Remix)”

All my fellow house music junkies need to check out The Future Is Fresh podcast with Fresh 27.  If you love that deep, soulful, and vocal house music, then The Future is Fresh is another podcast you should subscribe to. My daily dosages of house music are never running short, because I have my trusted podcasts that I know will bring forth that real house music. The podcasts that any house lover should check out are: Deeper Shades of Houses, Deep House Cat, SS Radio UK, Grant Nelson’s Housecall, Sweat Soulful House, DeepSoul Maison, and The Future is Fresh with Fresh 27.

All those podcasts are constantly being pumping out shows with great music, and a lot of the old shows will blow your mind. I still have so many episodes of The Future is Fresh I haven’t listened to, but I decided to switch up my workout playlist and listen to nonstop house. It’s nice to have a continuous mix while I’m on the elliptical, instead of songs that just randomly jump around and don’t have a transition. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Dance/Electronica playlist I put together, but something about the sounds of house make my workout more fun and less stressful.

Earlier today I was listening to the November 8th episode of The Future is Fresh and I heard this amazing song called “Into My Soul.” I had never heard of this track until today, but I couldn’t help but immediately fall in love with it. It’s so deep, so beautiful, so organic, and it’s that real house vibe that my soul craves. The song is by Aki Bergen and it features the vocals of Carmen Sherry. The original version of the track is quite beautiful, but the Spiritchaser Remix takes the song to an entirely new level; a dreamlike escape with deep rhythms, pulsating effects, and soulful vocals that could start a spiritual revival. There is just something so majestic about this track, and if you listen to it while working out, you’re bound to wanna hop of the machine and start housing dancing. Ah, it’s such an enticing track, the type of track that is truly a deep house lover’s delight. Man, can you imagine being in a lounge and having this spinning live? OMG, that would be heaven!

Check out the track below and download it for free from soundcloud!

P.S. All the podcast I mentioned can be subscribed to for free on iTunes. 

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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