Deep House: Delano Smith ft. Diamondancer “A Message for the DJ”

If you’re a fan of the classic house music scene, especially from Detroit, then you’ve probably heard of Delano Smith. He was one of the early mega producers/DJs in the Detroit music scene, and he created some timeless progressive & deep house tracks. A lot of his tracks have this deep vibe that just takes control over your body, but his 2005 song “A Message for the DJ” is one of my new favorite house anthems.

When I think about house and the overall description of it, songs such as “House Music” by Eddie Amador explain the essence of house. It’s a genre of music that not everyone understands, but those of who us who love it are househeads forever. Eddie Amador’s song really describes house music, but Delano Smith’s song “A Message for the DJ” ft Diamondancer truly exemplifies what happens when a DJ plays house.  A true house head can tap their feet and groove to other genres, but the minute the DJ plays house something takes over us; we are transported to this spiritual zone that is dream-like, surreal, and sensual.

The song “A Message for the DJ” is how I feel when I’m at a club and they tease me with a few house samples. I often wish the DJ would just stop spinning all the commercial hits and let that deep house vibe take over. There is just something so alluring about being in a club and the DJ is having a telepathic conversation with you. If you’ve got the right DJ, the right crowd, and a handful of house lovers, then it’s bound that the DJ will begin hearing your thoughts and putting on those laidback sweet house tracks. It’s like the DJ has this house radar and can sense that someone has a fever for some good old fashioned deep house; it’s a superhero that only few Dj’s posses. But for those who don’t have that special house sense, then it’s moments like that when you need to give your message to the DJ.

I’ve came up with a few messages for the DJ, but the lyrics from Delano Smith’s “A Message for the DJ” featuring Diamondancer says more than enough. I couldn’t find the lyrics online, so I had to listen to the song over and over just to get it right. I might be missing a few words or phrases, but the most important aspects are below. Peep the track and the lyrics. To all those house heads out there, have you ever had a message for the DJ?

“Message for the dj/I’m a househead forever, at least until I die/Can’t move me without it, so don’t you ever try/ Househead forever, I need a deep house groove/ I tap my toes to that other shit, but house really makes me move/Some people need hip-hop, and R&B is okay/ but a funky laidback sweet house track takes my mind away/So here’s a message for the DJ that’s in the club tonight/Play a sexy, deep hot house track so I can move my body right/ I want to close my eyes, and I want to feel it in my bones. House puts me in the zone/ I want to elevate my mind, set my body free/ Lose the stressors of the day/Feel the energy…”

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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