Z Records

ZRecords: Joey Negro’s House & Disco Record Label

It was the year 2005. That was my first year in high school, my first time ever having a kiss, and it was the first time I ever fell in love with disco sounds of Joey Negro. House music had been something I had been jamming to since 01’/02′, but I had never heard such an uplifting fusion of house and disco until I ran across Joey Negro’s hit UK single “Saturday” featuring Taka Boom. Thanks to having a mom that wanted to make sure her baby grew up knowing the old school sounds of disco and funk, I had grown up with a big heart for disco and funk music.

Of course the classic house tracks definitely stem from the disco era and a mixture of soul, but it wasn’t until I began listening to Joey Negro that I realized that there was a lot of house music out there that was keeping the 70s alive with disco inspired anthems. Mind you, this is during my first few years falling in love with house. Ever since finding out about Joey Negro and jamming to his hit tracks “Saturday,” “Make a Move On Me,” and his infectious disco house remix of Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover,” I’ve been a huge fan of disco house. There is something so funky about it that compels you to unleash all your inhibitions and dance like you’re in a soul train line.

Joey Negro, who’s real name is Dave Lee, has produced a lot of tracks under a variety of alias such as: Jakatta, Raven Maize, The Sunburst Band, Doug Willis, Z Factor, Sessomato, and Mistura. If you’ve ran across those names, then you know that you’re listening to a great disco track by Dave Lee (Joey Negro). He has been pumping out some great disco tracks since the early 90s, but it wasn’t until earlier today I learned that he actually had a record label. He keeps the disco house music alive with his record label Z Records. The label allows him to produce as many disco house tracks as he’d like under his different alias.

The label is based in London, but the timeless disco tracks this label releases are able to reach those house fans internationally who love a good disco sensation. Actually, earlier today I was listening to SS Radio and I was grateful to hear one of the latest releases from Z Records; a brand new track called “Love Will Save the Day (Richard Earnshaw Remix.)”  The track is a rework of Whitney Houston’s classic song “Love Will Save the Day” and it’s JD73, who is a keyboard whizz by the name of Dan “Jazz Doctor” Goldman. It’s one of those uplifting tracks that brings forth that sensual disco vibe, but still has that house feeling that makes house so amazing; music filled with joy, fun, funk, moody pianos, and lots of love!

If you’re a fan of disco house or Joey Negro and his many alias, then check out Z Records and step into a time machine that will thrust you back to the 70s disco era; all you need now is a soul train line and some bell bottoms, then you’re all set!

Joey Negro- “Love Hangover (Joey Negro Club Mix)”

Till this day, this one of my favorite tracks! This disco remix is on fire!

Joey Negro- “Make a Move on Me (Radio Edit)”

JD73- “Love Will Save the Day (Richard Earnshaw Remix)”

Doug Willis- “Doug Be Good to Me (Doug’s Destination Boogie Mix)”

Akabu- “The Phuture Ain’t What It Used to Be (Joey Negro Phuture Symphony Remix)”

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