Yves Larock & Steve Edwards “Listen To the Voice Inside”

The past few days I’ve just been in this interesting mood music wise. It’s like I go through these phases where I’m totally loving the music out now, then I have these days where I’m reaching back into my music collection from the 00s. It’s not like everything out on the music scene is horrible, I just have certain days where I’m listening to a certain song because of the mood I’m in.

Earlier this weekend I found myself jamming to a lot of Bob Sinclar’s earlier music before it became this weird mashup off house/dance/and some Afro-Caribbean beat. A lot of his earlier tracks such as “Ich Rocke,” “World Hold On,” and “Love Generation” had such a great sound to them. He infused hints of that world sound, but it was still a pleasure to listen to. Aside from “Rainbow of Love,” a lot of his tracks this past year have just been dull in my opinion. But fret not, I still have the soulful voice of Steve Edwards to save the day.

You don’t really hear much about the Sheffield, England singer, but you immediately recognize his voice on some great dance tracks that are uplifting and inspiring. I don’t think he is really that big in the music scene over here, but I know he’s been featured on some great tracks produced by artists such as Michael Gray, Bob Sinclar, The Shapeshifters, Axwell, and Yves Larock. His vocals have been featured on some great tracks, but I will say that “Listen To The Voice Inside” is one of those tracks that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. It’s a track produced by Yves Larock, and the track tells the story of listening to the voice inside and keeping the love alive.

It’s a great track that has this amazing fusion of house with a world music vibe. The track is truly international, and the video just screams urban nomad! The video tells the story of this guy (very handsome if I may so so) trying to find his way to the woman he loves. Throughout the video he encounters a variety of people and obstacles in order to finally make his way to his love. Even when he feels like giving up, he just has to stop and “Listen to the voice inside.” I’m not quite sure, but for some odd reason I’ve just really been jamming to this track a lot lately. Perhaps it has something to do with the overall message of the song; the idea of someone doing anything they can to keep the love alive is sort of romantic.

I just love the overall vibe of the track, and you can see why it’s one of my throwback tracks I listen to whenever I’m feeling nostalgic for some old house and dance music. I just feel like you can’t go wrong but have the gritty yet soulful vocals of Steve Edwards on a good house track. I mean for instance take the Shapeshifters “Helter Skelter.” That track alone already goes pretty hard, but the vocals of Steve Edwards just take it to that next level.

Yves Larock & Steve Edwards -Listen To the Voice Inside

The Shapeshifters ft. Steve Edwards- Helter Skelter

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