Napoleon Da Legend – Elixir (Ruff Kut Videoz)

Napoleon Da Legend – Elixir (Ruff Kut Videoz).

One of my favorite rappers from the DMV, Napoleon Da Legend, has finally released another Ruff Kut video with Crazy Al Cayne. If you’ve read my blog in the past, then you know that NDL is a hot up and coming rapper with raw talent that needs to be heard. He isn’t like most rappers out there; he doesn’t just show off and rely on a larger than life ego. Instead, Napoleon raps with an authority that is methodical and not cocky or self obsessed like some of the major rappers in the limelight.

His latest track, “Elixir,” was just released today with a fresh video directed by Crazy Al Cayne. The video has that edgy personal vibe like many of the other videos in the Ruff Kut Videoz series, and the track will be featured on NDL & CAC’s (Crazy Al Cayne)  The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol #1. The project takes a collection of beats Crazy Al Cayne made in the 90s and infuses them with the reality rap lyrics of Napoleon Da Legend. It’s a project that is bound to create a lot of buzz and take hip-hop fans back to the days of the golden era of hip-hop.

I usually don’t get excited about mixtapes and projects, but I’m looking forward to hearing whats in store on Napoleon Da Legend & Crazy Al Cayne’s The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol#1. If you haven’t checked any work from CAC and NDL, then head on over to NDL’s official blog (which was designed by me!) and check out some other Ruff Kut Videoz and music from Napoleon Da Legend.

Below is the official Ruff Kut Video for “Elixir,” an innovative track discusses the reality of music and society. As the caption says, “In this age of economic uncertainty, war, violence, greed, corruption, swag, big money rap, hoe rap, and general anxiety, Napoleon Da legend and Sugar Cayne concocted an Elixir to absorb in your system to help break up some of the societies ailments.” That’s pretty deep! I must say NDL has such a way with coming up with anecdotes and impressive analogies that really tap into the intellectual side of hip-hop. It’s more than just gritty beats, bling, hoes, and money, it’s about making a statement that has a social impact; that’s what Napoleon Da Legend and his reality rap are all about, dropping powerful rhymes that make you sit down and analyze the state of things.

Elixir (Ruff Kutz Videoz)

For more on the lyrics and other information, check out the original post on NDL’s blog. Napoleon Da Legend – Elixir (Ruff Kut Videoz)

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