Elle Varner ft. J.Cole – “Only Wanna Give it To You”

Yay! New music, new music, new music!!!! Okay, let me calm down…but seriously, new music and it’s good y’all, real good! Artsy R&B soultress, Elle Varner, just released her debut video for her hot track “Only Wanna Give it to You.” If you haven’t heard of Elle Varner, then I wouldn’t be shocked. I only just found out about her a week ago, but immediately fell in love with her voice. She’s got talent!

Her latest track “Only Wanna Give it to You” is a great sneak peek at what could be in store for her debut studio album “Perfectly Imperfect.” She isn’t well known on the music scene, but teaming up with J.Cole is a great way to create more buzz. The sing was actually written by Cole and Varner, so it the vibe has Varner’s artistic vibe infused with Cole’s hip-hop swag. J. Cole is actually one of the few hip-hop artists out there I actually like, so it’s nice seeing him do a collab with another new-comer on the scene.

The video just came out today and I’m absolutely loving it! It’s fresh on the web circuit, so I had to make sure to post it before it becomes a trend. Haha, got to stay ahead sometimes. But in all good and fun, this video is truly worth checking out. And can I say how I love her hair! Gosh, it’s so pretty!

This Elle Varner lady sounds like one of those singers we need to be on the look out for; with a voice like hers, I’m sure she can come out with a lot of hit tracks. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what else she has in store on her debut studio album. But I must give her major props, that was a real smart move teaming up with J. Cole for a track. His album just came out last week and his name is real hot on the music scene right now. So for her to come out with a new video days later, that is pure genius. And the video isn’t trashy or cliche, it’s fun, cute, and has that soul vibe that I love. It’s one of those vibrant color splashed videos that has fashion written all over it, with a hint of artistic sex appeal. Elle Varner is just being herself and J. Cole is doing his thing, so it’s a great collaboration. I’m so loving this video….so check it out!!!

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