Monopoly, the Game of Life Lessons

I’ve been slaving away at homework all day and anxiously awaiting for my advisor to email me back. The homework is tedious as usual, but the good news is I officially graduate in Summer 2012. Even though I need 120 credits to graduate and will have them at the end of May, I will still need 2 upper division courses. It doesn’t matter what the two courses are, as long it’s upper division; so graduating next summer should be a breeze!

As I get closer to finishing undergraduate, a part of me looks back on my childhood and says “wow.” I can’t believe I’m almost done with college. It feels like it was only yesterday that I was having sleepovers and playing board games. I’ve always been a huge video game junkie, but I had a special spot in my heart for classic board games. Sometimes it was nice to put the controller down, invite some buddies over, and play boardgames.

I will admit, I haven’t played a board game in a long time. We live in such a digital society and the concept of sitting down to play a board game gets lost in the mix of high-tech gadgets, amazing videogames, and arcade games. But it’s not like the board game market has gone out of a business; they still make board games. Trust me, there is still a team of people out there at Hasbro and other big name companies that are constantly contemplating ways to attract more people to play board games.

I grew up playing the classic board games such as Monopoly, Life, Sorry, and Scrabble. I used to have so much fun as a kid using my brain to make decisions. Board games aren’t the hardest thing in the world to play, but they do require strategy. Life and Monopoly are probably the only two games I played that actually prepared me for life. What better way to prepare children for a future than creating games that explore the oh so exciting world of finance, career decisions, owning property, and having a family.

Back in the day it seemed like Monopoly was just a fun, sometimes tedious game that I played with my friends, but in actuality I learned a lot from it. I learned that owning property is actually a great way to achieve wealth in our society. I even learned that it takes a simple get out of jail card to avoid sentencing in life….NOT! Lol. Not everything in the game has a life applicable lesson, but the guys at Hasbro are trying to make the game more realistic. Hasbro recently released a new version of the game called Monopoly:Electronic Banking. The new version of the game is attempting to stay current with the technological innovations in our society and it uses a credit card based banking system.

The new game actually looks pretty interesting and it is a great way to teach kids about a credit based system. But I think they should incorporate some credit score aspects. For instance, instead of being able to buy a property you should have to pass the credit score test. LOL! That would be crazy, but its so true. That would probably be a lot for little kids to handle, but it would be a serious learning experience.

But I digress, Monopoly is supposed to be fun and contain a few applicable life lessons. But the new electronic banking edition might just be the digital makeover that sets a trend in the board game community. Maybe more games will start to take an electronic approach. Life has already added a credit card based system, so it will only be a matter of time before more children are learning those valuable life lessons from board games.

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