Divine Inspiration: HGTV Magazine

Home & Garden Television is probably one of my favorite networks. It holds a great deal of importance in my life and I’m not ashamed to admit that I watch HGTV every single day. Even if I’m not watching it with my full undivided attention, then it’s probably on in the background and catching a few glances in between my multi-tasking mania.

My favorite thing about HGTV is the wide array of shows and design ideas. Every show offers insightful tips and ideas for creating the perfect space that reflects your personality. I always tell people if I wasn’t a professional writer for a living, then I’d be studying design and in a career immersed in interior design or set design(which can be attributed to my years of experience in theatre.) Designing is a huge passion of mine because it taps into the true essence of my personality; I’m a creative soul with a zest for vibrant colors and sleek design.

I have a great passion for design and love reading design magazines, which is why I’m uber excited that HGTV is debuting their new magazine in October. I watched the HGTV: Making of Our Magazine special and became deeply inspired. You’d think that the design elements would inspire me to jump out there and go pursue a career in design, but in actuality I was inspired on a different level. Watching the making of the magazine reminded me why I have this blog and what my dream job truly is. I want to be an Artistic/Creative director or Editor for a magazine. Either a design magazine or cultural magazine, but the end goal is to eventually start my own magazine.

I’ve written for different magazines (currently I am a contributing writer for Monarch Magazine) and I’ve seen how passionate the editors and owners are about their publication. I too enjoy seeing their passion and love writing for them, but my real dream is to eventually be my own boss and let my unique voice, along with so many other unique writers, be seen in a digital and print publication. My blog, ThinkSoul25: Thoughts of an Urban Nomad, is only the beginning of the things I hope to achieve one day. My blog is the tip of the iceberg on the ideas I have and want to share with the world.CREATIVE DIRECTOR  - SignCafe magazine cover

Being an artistic/creative director has been a dream title since I first began writing and being involved with the arts at a young age. Back then I never knew the exact title, but I always knew I loved seeing how things came together and bring forth creative people in order to achieve a common goal. Working with others is something I’ve always done well, especially if there is a unique creative task at hand. But I always ended up being chosen as the designated leader. Whenever it came to do projects in school, I was always the person that stepped up to plate or was just designated by the team to be in charge.

I have a healthy dosage of analytical decision making and spontaneous creativity pumping in my blood. I know how to get the job done, which explains my resume has an extensive list of projects and jobs on it that have me working in a multimedia related leadership capacity. But, I still feel like I have a lot more to do. I want to truly become a beast at publication design and multimedia production, which is why I’ve decided to apply to graduate school for Fall 2012.

I’ve been contemplating applying the past few months and proceeded to contact my professors for letters of recommendations (which I’ve got.) Now that I have the letters of recommendation, the drive, the grades, and the overall skills, I think I’m ready to commit to this decision.  My degree in English Writing will be great, but that doesn’t truly speak to who I am. Before I was a writer, I was a visual artist. So going to graduate school for design will give me all the tools I truly need to attain a artistic/creative director role, while simultaneously planning out a strategy on how to start my own magazine.

The decision is already set in stone and I’m excited about the creative projects to come in the near future. It’s crazy to think that my obsession with watching HGTV actually paid off and was the final push I needed to come up with a concrete career decision. So…thank you HGTV, a great source of divine inspiration that speaks to the creative person I am. I’m glad that HGTV teamed up with Hearst and is putting out a magazine that is bound to become my favorite.

Watching the making of the magazine was the last major push I needed to admit to myself what I really want out of life and how I will always be a creative woman with a zest for design, the arts, and writing.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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