Monday Dosage of House, Dance, & DNB

Happy Monday!

I know Monday is usually the day of the week that always seems to start off slow. While most days of the week have room for spontaneity, Mondays seem to always be the same old blah fest. You wake up, reflect back on your wild weekend or romantic rendezvous, and you force yourself to get to school/work on time. It’s one of those days you love to hate and hate to love; it’s always filled with mixed emotions and a lot of plotting for the long week ahead.

A lot of people may have remedies to get through those days that suck, but I’m telling you house music is the answer. It’s that “pick me up” that doesn’t cost a thing, it isn’t dangerous, and it makes you feel limitless. House music is that bucket filled with mysterious chemicals that gives mutants there powers, so dip in a bucket of house music and feel powerful.

You can’t survive a crazy long week without having your Monday dosage of house music, with a taste of weekend aspirations. But you also, especially if you have a diverse personality, might like to though in some dance and dnb. So in order to celebrate a new week ahead and wishing Friday was already here, I’ve decided to post some great music; I’m also posting a song that has been my weekend anthem for about five years now. So turn up your speakers or put on your headphones(if you’re at work and your boss is just lurking) and get lost in a heavy dosage of house, dance, and dnb.

House music is the cure for everything, even those ghastly Monday morning blues!

This track below is from  JB4SoulfulHouse’s YouTube channel. I’ve been subscribed to him for a few months and he never ceases to amaze with the soulful house tracks that are surefire to blow your mind.

Bah Samba Carnival Phil Asher’s Restless Soul Mix

One of the best house tracks I’ve heard in quite awhile. This mix is amazing! I just want to get up and go dancing through the streets screaming my love for house music.


Armand Van Helden & A-TRAK Present Duck Sauce – Anyway

I’ve posted this song a long time ago, but it never gets old! The past few days my mom and I have been singing this and just acting a fool; it’s great!

Kerri Chandler – We Are Here (Kaoz Stressin’ Me Mix)

Ever had those days when people just keep stressing you and blowing your phone up? Well this is the perfect song for all those annoying Monday morning messages from clingy exes and weekend mistakes. Kerri Chandler always comes up with the best house music, he is truly one of my favorites. This song is so funny and I love his irritation with the girl hitting him up on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and just stalking him! The best line is: That chick is photo-shopped to death, so you know what…leave message!

High Contrast – Everything’s Different

I’m a huge High Contrast fan and the video for this song is pretty unique. Check it out!

Roni Size / Reprazent – Brown Paper Bag

Yet another good video that has a sweet drum & bass rhythm.  I also love the lyrics, very unique!

And the last song for this post (don’t want to overwhelm you with videos!) is my favorite weekend anthem. Maybe it will help you get through the week and excited about the weekend; or perhaps the guys will just watch it for the sexy half naked dancing on a copier.  Either way, it’s a great song! lol….

Michael Gray – The Weekend

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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