Yet Another Successful Move

Hey everyone!

I know I haven’t blogged the past few days, but now I’m back and have lots to chat about in the next few days. If you’ve been reading a lot of my latest blog posts, then you’ll know that I was getting ready to move. Well, I moved! We finally moved in on Saturday and our place is beautiful. It’s the type of place where you just want to sit in front of our fireplace and reminisce about the old days. It’s one of those storytelling pieces and it gives the living room a lot of character.

It’s a cozy apartment and it’s very spacious. I’m living with my mom and dad still until I graduate in May, but my room feels like a studio. I have a door that goes into the main bathroom, a walk in closet, and to big windows that allow a lot of light. I like the light, but I prefer darkness. I woke up this morning because of the sunshine shining through my window and reminded myself to get up and install my curtain rods. I like sleeping in a bat cave.

I’ve moved probably over a hundred times. That number isn’t exaggerated, I have lived in a lot of different apartments, townhouses, and houses. My family has become a pro at moving and we function off an assembly line technique. One person at the truck, one at the first flight of stairs, and one person (me) to take stuff up to the third level. It’s a simple system and it makes thing go quicker, but this time we decided to do something we have never done in all the 20 years of moving; we hired a set of movers.

The movers were provided through U-Haul’s website and it ended up being this really short Black guy and this 6’4” African guy. My mom had me stay upstairs for the first part of the move and flirt help the guys out. They were pretty nice guys and I had a fun time talking to the tall one. We only had them for 2 hours, but we made sure to put all the major heavy furniture in the front of the truck. At one point the guy carried a heavy headboard by himself and I was like “Wow, you are a superhero!” It was very fun watching two strong men lift furniture and get all sweaty, great eye candy.

Overall, the eye candy was great and the move went swell. Even though we had to go back to storage and load up the rest of our furniture, then unload it on our own the second trip, it was still a success. The only thing that sucks is we don’t have Internet yet, but my brother and sister-n-law live in the same complex as us. We got an apartment here first and signed a lease, then they got an apartment here a few weeks later. It’s pretty cool! Now we get to hang out all the time and work out together. I’m glad we live close by and I’m happy to be using that awesome fitness center. Can’t wait!

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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