Foster the People

My Day Thus Far:Today has been quite a normal not so normal day. Since classes I’m diving into a world of grammar, rhetoric, creative writing, and the overall art of language. This is of course the first week of the semester and I’m taking online classes with University of Colorado Denver. I love my school! I enjoyed being on campus everyday when I was living in Denver and I enjoy interacting with some of the same students from my English classes last semester. But, I’m still anxious for the year to go by and graduation to come in Spring 2012.

While attempting to work on some school work, my blog, my book (almost 100 pages written so far,)  and searching for new music, I was interrupted by an earthquake. I’ve never felt an earthquake before and throughout all my nomadic travels I’ve only experienced tornadoes and flooding. It wasn’t a huge earthquake, but it was so random. I was walking up the steps with a bowl of left over lasagna from last night and when I got to the top of the steps, I felt this slow rumbling and then noticed my television in the doorway of my room shaking. It was so random! I ran down the steps while the rumbling was still carrying on and saw my mom, I told her it was an earthquake. Then the shaking stopped.

She thought I was upstairs dancing and dropping boxes (we move this week) but we then turned to the news and saw an earthquake had hit D.C. It wasn’t too big of a deal, not like it was as bad as the ones in other places. But, it was still quite random for a 5.9 to be felt on D.C. and up and down the East Coast, so I tweeted about it, Facebook’d for a second, and then went back to listening to this new band I fell in love with.

Now, Foster the People: In the midst of working on my school work and other musings, I was going through my awesome YouTube playlists and began listening to Foster the People. I ran across this group a few weeks ago and have finally gotten around to blogging about them. They are this awesome Los Angeles based electro-indie-pop-rock band and there album Torches is a must-have.

If you haven’t heard of Foster the People, then you really ought to check out their songs “Houdini,” “I Would Do Anything For You” and “Helena Beat.” They have this really cool electro sound, but then they tie it all together with this nice pop-rock flair. It’s the type of music I’ve been listening to a lot. Snow Patrol, Friendly Fires, Little Red, Noah & The Whale,  and now Foster the People, are some of the groups I’m really into these days.

I can’t explain what happened, I just got tired of listening to a lot of hip-hop and sick of writing about it. I just got over it. I still listen to hip-hop now and then, but my love for house music is still at the forefront and now I’m really getting off into more electronica/dance and these indie groups. Guess all my nomadic travels and cool people I have encountered are finally showing up even more in my musical tastes. What can I say, I’m an urban nomad and a junkie for good music.

I Would Do Anything For You

Yet another song, except this one is about falling in love and doing anything for that person. Nice track!

Helena Beat

Houdini (Live in Solana Beach)

I love this song! I could listen to it all day and the message is powerful.

©Jasmine McGee


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